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Internet Evolution

From hyperlinks...

In just twenty years, the faith of the world has literally been shaped by this technological and communication revolution, sometimes for the better... but mostly for the worse.

Even if the Internet is older (Arpanet), its genesis going back at least to the 60s, it is during over the past fifteen years that a major schism has occurred between suppletive Internet and its shadow, a deregulating and substituting one, so revealing in the photographic sense of the term, so igniting in a chemical one.

From the hyperlink to the Internet of objects, the path traveled was lightning fast, not to say brutal and for many, impossible to follow. After all, wasn't it intended? Isn't speed the key element in a monopolization strategy?

... to the Web?.0

But from a universe of regulated, rich and balanced virtualization, supposed to bring us closer, to enrich our perspectives by freeing us from many invisible borders and shackles, we have au contraire been pushed in a Cyberspace of an ever more dense opacity, a perfect mousetrap, a perpetual labyrinth of numerous addictions.

The participatory to a regulated and respectful Internet, so attractive, has let itself be overwhelmed by all the socio-economic pitfalls, very real them, with which all Internet users are facing on a daily base. Yet technology is not the enemy, but the one that subjugates those for whom it is initially intended for... is!

Except fo the nuclear power, never, in history, the mathematical mind has conferred so much power, to such a small number of individuals.

Tomorrow's Cyberspace

The systemic dangers caused by the current Internet and its evolutions, the ultra-connected A.I. or the Metaverse, weaken democracy, the nation-state and its institutions. Like any empire, any dictatorship, this powerful  dynamic ultimately carry the seeds of its own destruction, risking to condemn Cyberspace to a probable and temporay annihilation (digital counter-revolution).

What then would be the major and precursor risk, which few people only see?

A disaffection of the user regarding a technology perceived as a Trojan horse increasingly intensifying monopolistic and oligopolistic drifts, an endless deregulation, a devastating and alienating all-free concept and a intentional massive digital bondage.

In conclusion, a mistrust and finally a generalized failure regarding a universe in which everything would be simply false, in which all the information which transits would be inevitably subject to caution, because highly manipulated or quite simply improbable in a true reality.

Even more worse, the digital hysteria also called digital Darwinism which is currently taking hold of many societies and which is symptomatic of an absolute fear for an A.I. that would replace man (ultra-rationalization process) through systematic automation, and the persistance of silly algorithmic molds development, are accelerating and amplifying this blackmail vicious circle. In short, be numerico-dependent and compliant... or no longer be.

Small epilogue

How then is it possible to disentangle fantasy from conventional reality, true from false? How not to give up, in to this constant and endogenously orchestrated vagueness?

Quite simply, by reappropriating the primary Cyberspace's vocation, by restoring the strong framework of a fair competition, by establishing a universally accepted and clear markups, which would guide us thus towards the final emergence of an authentic, ethical and suppletive A.I.

By trying to remove man from the production equation, this logic then generated has surprisingly revived in fact, an old myth... universal income.

It is strange how perhaps the most predatory neoliberalism will end up creating, in the end, a new form of communism.

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