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Ethical Charter

The stake

The main goal of, is first of all to offer to all a platform allowing a rigorous but serene debate, on the themes of online publishers responsibilities and more generally ethics put into practice in the Cyberspace environment.

It is then a question of framing, in the eyes of all, in an indisputable and immediately verifiable way by any layman, the effective integrity of the online production of all the members of the ethical charter and its true compliance.

I.T. Services, App. and software development, multimedia creations and virtual universes intended for the public... the establishment of a set of three labels, will then follow the official presentation of the Charter, in order to make this production as flawless, inspiring and clear as possible.

Because it is all around this global technological production and its life cycle, that trust and solid relationships with users, customers, service providers and partners are elaborated, well beyond the websites and App. terms and conditions of use, or the simple classical contract and its inherent specifications.

All the actors of this factual relationship must understand the fundamental importance of this moral contract in time and its very essence today, as well as the eco-responsible challenge we are dealing with (this topic is indeed one of the main pillars of the Charter).

All members must agree to submit to moral behavior which severely limits or eliminates for example, the dissemination of violent editorial content, dissemination of fake news or behaviours leading to discriminatory aggressions, intentionally injurious or dangerous for the private life or  physical integrity of individuals.

In conclusion, we, I.T. professionals, have the enormous responsibility to protect as much as possible, all users but also the authors of all this algorithmic, graphic, multimedia and editorial bubbling, from themselves, in what alas now looks like... a complex digital jungle.


The next milestones to focus on are :

  • Editorial methodology.
  • Global proposals management.
  • Charter main lines.
  • Founding texts.
  • Significant testimonies collection.
  • Increased and systematic various contributions and editorial sources verification.
  • Ethical charter presentation to law professionals.
  • Betatesting.
  • Final compliance with national laws.
  • Blacklist establishing.


January 18, 2022

Official launch (initially scheduled for 2021 but delayed due to pandemic).

Debates start...

June 2021

Charter development beginning.

Press Review


FRANCE | April 23, 2022
Les échos / Derek Perrotte
→ Régulation du numérique : l'Europe en ordre de marche

FRANCE | March 20, 2022
Le Monde / Gérard Davet
→ Des kilos de documents et des milliards d’euros en jeu : à Monaco, un « corbeau » fait trembler l’entourage du prince

FRANCE | January 19, 2022
Le Monde / Nicolas Six
→ Cinq étoiles et 10/10 : pourquoi il ne faut pas faire confiance aux notes des internautes

FRANCE | January 18, 2022
Le Monde / Pauline Croquet
→ Enfants et écrans : une consommation en hausse et des parents souvent démunis

FRANCE | January 10, 2022
Le Monde / Newsroom
→ Des logiciels libres très répandus sur Internet volontairement sabotés par leur créateur

FRANCE | January 05, 2022
Le Monde / Simon Leplâtre (Foshan, special envoy)
→ Shein, le nouveau géant de l’« ultra fast fashion » aux méthodes peu reluisantes

FRANCE | December 26, 2021
Le Monde / Benoît Floc'h
→ Les failles de la protection des données des Français par les pouvoirs publics

FRANCE | August 31, 2021
Le Monde / Jean-Pierre Stroobants
→ Les Gafam, rois du lobbying à Bruxelles

FRANCE | August 27, 2021
Le Monde / Maroussia Dubreuil
→ « On est en train de devenir complètement nunuche » : comment l’exigence de bienveillance empoisonne les relations sociales

FRANCE | June 22, 2021
Le Monde / Newsroom with AFP
→ Concurrence : Bruxelles ouvre une enquête contre Google dans les technologies de publicité en ligne

FRANCE | June 10, 2021
Le Monde / Cédric Leterme
→ « La régulation du numérique est un enjeu trop important pour être confié à l’Organisation mondiale du commerce »



Résister à l'invasion des GAFAM
Alain Saulnier
2022 / Éditions ECOSOCIETE
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Reprenons le pouvoir !
Joëlle Toledano
2020 / Éditions Odile Jacob
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Jaron Lanier
2018 / New York: Henry Holt and Co.
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La dictature invisible du numérique
Marc DUGAIN, Christophe LABBÉ
2017 / Robert Laffont
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