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Piccini da Todi Graphic and Development Studio / Art and Earth Networks and Technology is a company created in Montreal (Qc, Canada) in 2008, but also now based in Nice in France since 2020.

Founded by Diego Piccini and cumulating more than 24 years of experience in the fields of Web development, programming, multimedia and editorial content and magement, this extension of a first structure created on the Côte d'Azur in 1996 then in Paris, constitutes a "laboratory" of the Web too, and therefore is offers today to the Internet users from a rich catalog of various projects, Theethicalweb.com.


Originally, the concept of this website was quite simple. Apply a rigorous "measurable" ethics at all times, both in the methodologies development, in the product finlaization, as in the establishment of a framework of lasting viability, respectful of the fundamental users's rights, of the national laws and international standards inplace in most of today's democracies.

Going deeper into the subject, it was indeed a gigantic issue emerging and evolving very quickly, which now had to be confronted. The questions asked were so serious, that they could not go unanswered.

The ethical Web encompasses all issues of Cyberspace, therefore of the Internet, of A.I. and Metaverse, linked to the protection of individuals, beyond their simple status of... users.

The genesis of this new ethics must be able to frame in the greatest transparency, the relationship between professionals of the Cyberspace (like the digital economy ) and citizens, users/Customers.

Keeping our mind sharper

In addition, this website will allow us to stay constantly alert. It will give us the opportunity to fight, at our humble level, against a potential systemic collapse of the Web. Because if the Internet, like the A.I. or the Metaverse, continue to inspire more and more mistrust or even deep fears, we risk to witness a potential more or less massive disaffection of the public and users towards them, or the final and passively accepted plutocratic monopoly, for the sole benefit of a few major players in this digital world.

The Ethical Web is a space open to intelligent and lively debate, to rigorous reflection, to the progressive and careful elaboration of this ethical charter.

This privileged space will thus push us all, we hope so, to abstract ourselves regularly from this technological hurricane, in order to better understand it and also sometimes, to get away from it.


Once the basis of the charter are finalized, it is indeed the creation of a transnational professional legal organization which will succeed this important step, for better promote and optimize this ethical charter relentlessly.


Theethicalweb.com is part of a set of websites and Web App. created by the Graphic and Development Studio Piccini da Todi - Diego Piccini da Todi Developer/Full Stack Programmer - Art and Earth Networks and Technology.

This resources website is dedicated to the ethical problematics in the Cyberspace.


The official version was launched in January 2022.

Preparatory beta versions were tested from September 2020 to December 2021 .

Rollout will take place through end February 2022.

ISSN France: pending.
BRAND: pending registration.
SIREN: 411 389 216
SIRET: 411 329 216 00028 (France)
Inc. : 661515-5 (Canada, Qc.)


Our agency is based in Nice, France and Montreal, Canada. The co-founders of our agency have nearly 25 years of experience on two continents (Europe and North America). It offers a full range of classic services up to high-level personalized resources for the self-employed, liberal professions, SMEs/SMIs or for international companies wishing to sub- treat.

We cover all areas related to the Websites development, E-Commerce solutions and mobile applications or Object-oriented, as well as the process graphic design elaboration (meeting UI/UX standards and trends - Responsive design) and rich and varied editorial content for thematic resources and analysis websites (news, social, Arts, music, ecology, sport, information technology, etc.).

From the beginning of the Internet, we were present, confronted with its ultra-fast evolution. We have seen it gradually define itself...

We thus offer professionals whether they are independent or SME/SMI, a full range of ready-to-use solutions, personnalized packages (customized development and monitoring) and serious expertise (Android, iOS, Web and cross-platform...).

Our daily base survey allows us to remain proactive for all relevant application areas. We always proceed professionally, with an ethical, ecological and citizenship concerns.


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Many projects have been delayed in their launch and disrupted in their evolution since January 2020. We got through it and we thank you all for your patience.

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